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Belt Tensioner 96440419 4805513 For CHEVROLET DAEWOO HOLDEN OPEL VAUXHALL

Car Fitment CHEVROLET CAPTIVA (C100, C140) [2006-]CRUZE (J300) [2009-]EPICA (KL1_) [2005-]LACETTI (J200) [2003-]NUBIRA Estate [2005-2011]NUBIRA Saloon [2005-2011] DAEWOO TOSCA [2006-] HOLDEN CAPTIVA 5 Gen. I (CG) [2006-]CRUZE Saloon (JG) [2009-2011]EPICA Saloon (EP) [2007-2011] OPEL ANTARA (L07) [2006-] VAUXHALL ANTARA (L07) [2006-]

Belt Tensioner 1340555 90571758 For OPEL SAAB

Car Fitment OPEL ASTRA G Box (F70) [1998-2005]ASTRA G Convertible (T98) [2001-2005]ASTRA G Coupe (T98) [2000-2005]ASTRA G Estate (T98) [1998-2009]ASTRA G Hatchback (T98) [1998-2009]ASTRA G Saloon (T98) [1998-2009]ASTRA H (A04) [2004-2014]ASTRA H Estate (A04) [2004-2014]COMBO Tour [2001-2011]CORSA C (X01) [2000-2009]MERIVA A MPV (X03) [2003-2010]SIGNUM Hatchback (Z03) [2003-2008]TIGRA TwinTop (X04) [2004-2010]VECTRA C (Z02) [2002-2009]VECTRA C Estate (Z02) [2003-2009]VECTRA C GTS (Z02) [2002-2009]ZAFIRA A MPV (T98) [1999-2005] SAAB 9-3 (YS3F) [2002-2015]9-3 Estate (YS3F) [2005-2015]

Belt Tensioner 96966707 96183115 96349976 96351533 For CHEVROLET DAEWOO

Car Fitment CHEVROLET AVEO / KALOS Saloon (T250, T255) [2005-]CRUZE (J300) [2009-]KALOS [2005-]KALOS Saloon [2005-]LACETTI (J200) [2003-]NUBIRA Estate [2005-2011]NUBIRA Saloon [2005-2011]OPTRA (1J_) [2003-]REZZO MPV (U100) [2005-] DAEWOO KALOS (KLAS) [2002-]KALOS Saloon (KLAS) [2002-2004]LACETTI Hatchback (KLAN) [2002-]LANOS (KLAT) [1997-]LANOS Saloon (KLAT) [1997-]NUBIRA (J100) [1997-]NUBIRA Saloon (J100) [1997-]NUBIRA Saloon (J200) [2003-]NUBIRA Wagon (J100) [1997-]NUBIRA Wagon (J200) [2003-]REZZO (U100) [2000-]

Belt Tensioner 12563083 20577684 24503851 24507667 For BUICK CHEVROLET

Car Fitment BUICK GL8 MPV [2000-]REGAL (4WF_) [1997-2008] BUICK (SGM) GL8 I MPV (CU2) [2005-2016]REGAL I [2002-2008] CHEVROLET TRANS SPORT [1996-2005]

Belt Tensioner 1340534 1340541 1340542 1340544 6340532 96184932 96298799 96435138 96459042 24412292 For BUICK CHEVROLET  DAEWOO OPEL

Car Fitment BUICK REGAL:07.00 CHEVROLET SAIL:07.02 CHEVROLET ASTRA:08.02 CHEVROLET CORSA:08.94-07.02 CHEVROLET EPICA:01.05-12.06 CHEVROLET NUBIRA:03.05 CHEVROLET REZZO:03.05-08.05 DAEWOO NUBIRA:05.97-07.03 DAEWOO REZZO:09.01 LADA 110:08.96 OPEL ASTRA:09.91-10.05 OPEL CALIBRA:06.90-07.97 OPEL CORSA:03.93-09.00 OPEL VECTRA:09.88-07.03 VAUXHALL ASTRA:09.86-02.05 VAUXHALL ASTRAVAN:01.91-08.98 VAUXHALL CALIBRA:06.90-07.97 VAUXHALL CARLTON:09.86-03.94 VAUXHALL CAVALIER:09.88-11.95 VAUXHALL COMBO:07.94-10.01 VAUXHALL CORSA:03.93-09.00 VAUXHALL NOVA:05.88-03.93 VAUXHALL VECTRA:10.95-12.00

Belt Tensioner 1427252 1735899 1748832 11281427252 11281735899 11281748832 For BMW

Car Fitment BMW 3 (E36) [1990-1998]3 (E46) [1998-2005]3 Compact (E36) [1994-2000]3 Compact (E46) [2001-2005]3 Convertible (E36) [1993-1999]3 Convertible (E46) [2000-2007]3 Coupe (E36) [1991-1999]3 Coupe (E46) [1999-2006]3 Touring (E36) [1994-1999]3 Touring (E46) [1999-2005]5 (E34) [1987-1995]5 (E39) [1995-2003]5 (E60) [2001-2010]5 Touring (E34) [1991-1997]5 Touring (E39) [1996-2004]5 Touring (E61) [2004-2010]7 (E38) [1994-2001]7 (E65, E66, E67) [2001-2009]X3 (E83) [2003-2011]X5 (E53) [2000-2007]Z3 Coupe (E36) [1997-2003]Z3 Roadster (E36) [1995-2003]Z4 Roadster (E85) [2003-2009] BMW (BRILLIANCE) 3 SERIES (E46) [2003-2005]5 SERIES (E60) [2003-2010]

Belt Tensioner 1122000970  1122000870 1122000670 1122000370 1122000170 1122000070 For MERCEDES BENZ

Car Fitment MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS (W202) [1993-2000]C-CLASS (W203) [2000-2007]C-CLASS T-Model (S202) [1996-2001]C-CLASS T-Model (S203) [2001-2007]CLK (C208) [1997-2003]CLK Convertible (A208) [1998-2002]E-CLASS (W210) [1995-2003]E-CLASS (W211) [2002-2009]E-CLASS T-Model (S210) [1996-2003]E-CLASS T-Model (S211) [2003-2009]G-CLASS (W463) [1989-]G-CLASS Cabrio (W463) [1989-]M-CLASS (W163) [1998-2005]S-CLASS (W220) [1998-2005]S-CLASS Coupe (C215) [1999-2006]SL (R129) [1989-2004]SLK (R170) [1996-2004]

Belt Tensioner 6112000570 6112000470  6112000370 6112000270 6462000570 For MERCEDES BENZ

Car Fitment MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS (W202) [1993-2000]C-CLASS (W203) [2000-2007]C-CLASS (W204) [2007-2014]C-CLASS Coupe (CL203) [2001-2011]C-CLASS T-Model (S202) [1996-2001]C-CLASS T-Model (S203) [2001-2007]C-CLASS T-Model (S204) [2007-2014]CLK (C209) [2002-2010]E-CLASS (W210) [1995-2003]E-CLASS (W211) [2002-2009]E-CLASS T-Model (S210) [1996-2003]E-CLASS T-Model (S211) [2003-2009]G-CLASS (W461) [1989-]G-CLASS (W463) [1989-]M-CLASS (W163) [1998-2005]S-CLASS (W220) [1998-2005]SPRINTER 2-t Box (901, 902) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 2-t Bus (901, 902) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 2-t Platform/Chassis (901, 902) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 3-t Box (903) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 3-t Box (906) [2006-]SPRINTER 3-t Bus (903) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 3-t Bus (906) [2006-]SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (903) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (906) [2006-]SPRINTER 3,5-t Box (906) [2006-]SPRINTER 3,5-t Bus (906) [2006-]SPRINTER 4-t Box (904) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 4-t Bus (904) [1996-2006]

Belt Tensioner 6012001773 6212001773 For MERCEDES BENZ

Car Fitment MERCEDES BENZ 190 (W201) [1982-1993]C-CLASS (W202) [1993-2000]E-CLASS (W124) [1993-1996]E-CLASS T-Model (S124) [1993-1996]G-CLASS (W460) [1979-1993]G-CLASS (W461) [1989-]G-CLASS (W463) [1989-]G-CLASS Cabrio (W463) [1989-]KOMBI T-Model (S124) [1985-1993]S-CLASS (W140) [1991-1998]SALOON (W124) [1984-1993]T1 Box (601, 611) [1977-1996]T1 Box (602) [1982-1996]T1 Bus (601) [1977-1996]T1 Bus (602) [1977-1996]T1 Platform/Chassis (601) [1977-1996]T1 Platform/Chassis (602) [1977-1996]

Belt Tensioner 6062000173 6062000073 6262000073 For MERCEDES BENZ

Car Fitment MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS (W202) [1993-2000]C-CLASS T-Model (S202) [1996-2001]E-CLASS (W124) [1993-1996]E-CLASS (W210) [1995-2003]E-CLASS T-Model (S124) [1993-1996]E-CLASS T-Model (S210) [1996-2003]G-CLASS (W463) [1989-]G-CLASS Cabrio (W463) [1989-]KOMBI T-Model (S124) [1985-1993]S-CLASS (W140) [1991-1998]SALOON (W124) [1984-1993]SPRINTER 2-t Box (901, 902) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 2-t Bus (901, 902) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 2-t Platform/Chassis (901, 902) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 3-t Box (903) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 3-t Bus (903) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (903) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 4-t Box (904) [1995-2006]SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (904) [1995-2006]V-CLASS (638/2) [1996-2003]VITO Box (638) [1997-2003]VITO Bus (638) [1996-2003]

Belt Tensioner LFG1-15-980B For MAZDA

Car Fitment MAZDA 3 (BL) [2008-2014]6 Estate (GH) [2007-2013]6 Estate (GJ, GL) [2012-]6 Hatchback (GG) [2002-2008]6 Hatchback (GH) [2007-2013]6 Saloon (GG) [2002-2008]6 Saloon (GH) [2007-2013]6 Saloon (GJ, GL) [2012-]6 Station Wagon (GY) [2002-2008]CX-7 (ER) [2006-2014]

Belt Tensioner 30731938 1127103 1306666 1S7Q6A228AC 1S7Q6A228AD 1S7Q6A228AE For FORD VOLVO

Car Fitment FORD GALAXY (WM) [2006-2015]MONDEO III (B5Y) [2000-2007]MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) [2000-2007]MONDEO III Turnier (BWY) [2000-2007]MONDEO IV (BA7) [2007-2015]MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7) [2007-2015]MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) [2007-2015]S-MAX (WS) [2006-2014]TRANSIT Box (FA_ _) [2006-]TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (FM_ _, FN_ _) [2006-2014] VOLVO S40 II (544) [2003-2012]S80 II (124) [2006-]V70 III (135) [2007-]


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